Hornady H83177 17 Mach 2 HM2


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CCI 17 HMR Ammo

  • Type: Ammo
  • Caliber: 17 Mach 2 Rimfire
  • Bullet Type: Poly-Tip V-Max
  • Bullet Weight:17 GR
  • Muzzle Energy:166 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity:2100 fps
  • Rounds Per Box:50 Rounds Per Box

CCI 17 HMR Ammo is a good choice because the company Eley and Lapua do a better job of sorting their high quality ammunition than any shooter with a powder scale could and they usually produce their most consistent, uniform ammo in quantities smaller than manufacturers like X-Act or Tenex. One of the criticisms of .17-caliber rifles is that they’re not as accurate as .22 caliber rifles. This is true, but it’s possible to improve accuracy by using a variety of methods.

Sorting is essentially a waste of time In regards. It’s a phenomenal cartridge which was released with unfortunate timing, and it suffered as a result of it. Give it a try to you, way too, could obtain it to be the ideal cartridge for the tiny-recreation searching and pest Handle wants.

Rimfire hunters who tried the 17 HM2 immediately realized that it had an abundance of killing power, was flat enough to buck the wind better than .22 LR, and most importantly didn’t make too much noise.

CCI 17 HMR Ammo Intercontinental cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on the Gun Classifieds. Buyers and sellers are required to know and comply with all applicable community, state and federal firearm laws. Looking at how they’re all loaded in the same position. I didn’t see much big difference until recently when CCI differentiated with their VNT Load.


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