Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR


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Buy Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR At Discounted Price From Reliable Firearm Store. The Daniel Defense DDM4ISR is an Integrally suppressed rifle that’s been optimized for the .300 Blackout cartridge.

This versatile, high-performance rifle is built around a 9 Inch, cold hammer forged barrel that is fluted along with a target crown and a standard pistol-length gas system. It accurately delivers both subsonic and supersonic projectiles downrange with unrelenting reliability.

The suppressor is an integral part of the barrel, so it’s ready for service right out of the box. There’s no attaching or detaching a suppressor and wondering if it’s mounted correctly and/or properly aligned. There’s no re-zeroing for suppressed vs. unsuppressed fire.

The DDM4ISR’s integral suppressor extends the barrel to 16 inches. So this platform requires only a single tax stamp (for the suppressor) because it is not classified as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR).  The suppressor’s lightweight outer tube is constructed of durable, heat-resistant metal alloys and coated with a protective high-temperature Cerakote-C finish. This protects the unit from extreme temperatures and harsh environments. It also allows for user-serviceable maintenance, so its baffle core can be easily removed for periodic cleaning.

Daniel Defense DDM4 Product Specifications

Length: 31.5″ – 34.75″
Diameter: N/A
Number of Baffles: N/A
Weight: 7.57 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel
Thread Pitch: N/A
Brand: Daniel Defense
Self-Service: No
Caliber: .300 Blackout
Caliber Range: N/A
Color: Black
Finish: Cerakote
Sound Reduction: N/A
Mount Style: N/A
Full-Auto Rated: N/A
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