50 BMG AWC (semi-auto design) – Titanium


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Product Description

The AWC Turbodyne X is absolutely the most compact, effective, and quiet .50 caliber suppressor available on the market today.

Constructed of 100{af76b70c93b60d15398f0aae5fe21861cff52b6c1cb7e5af46dd0be9972e314e} Titanium or 100{af76b70c93b60d15398f0aae5fe21861cff52b6c1cb7e5af46dd0be9972e314e} Stainless Steel and 360 degree circumferentially welded, the Turbodyne produces less noise than a .22LR.

The bullet impact can be heard and is the primary source of sound while the lack of concussion allows for hours of comfortable shooting.

The Turbodyne X can be fitted to most semi-auto and bolt action .50 BMG rifles, mounting directly to the current muzzle break threads without modification to the gun. Made specifically for semi-auto 50 BMG operation.

Product Specifications

Length: 16.5″
Diameter: 2″
Number of Baffles: N/A
Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz / 5 lbs 13oz
Material: Titanium or Stainless Steel
Thread Pitch: N/A
Brand: AWC
Self-Service: No
Caliber: .50 BMG
Color: Black
Finish: Matte
Mount Style: N/A


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